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Why Choose a Mini Excavator for Your Job?

Small excavators are one of the most widely used machinery in today’s construction and civil industries. This is because the operator requires the machine to be both versatile and efficient on the job site, and this is what the small excavator provides. From laying trenches for pipelines to landscaping in the backyard, the mini excavator is perfect for any small to medium project. With the excellent reliability and overall performance of the machine, the mini excavator is the first choice for many construction and civil enterprises. Mini Excavators Have an Unrestricted Function Small excavators work similarly to full-size excavators. Its

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1 ton mini diggers of HIXEN

4 Tips to Consider When Buying a Mini Excavator

With nowadays rapid industrial development, mini excavator is an essential tool for contractors working in tight locations, difficult-to-access job sites, or urban surroundings. Mini excavators come in a variety of sizes and features, and manufacturers have increased their feature offerings for these smaller machines to keep operators more comfortable and productive. Deploying a mini digger with the proper configuration and options will result in increased performance and equipment utilization, but with so many brands and models on the market, what functions do you need to get the most bang for the buck? Fortunately, this guide will help you to choose

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The born of HIXEN

In the year of 2010, HIXEN was born with the mini excavators. From all these years, we have been dedicated to mini excavator research, innovation and stragic development. Aim to the high end construction equipment manufacturing, we have been one of the most fast-growing mini digger manufacturer based in Shandong, China. The followings are the 4 features of HIXEN Machinery: 2500 With the experienced employees, leading manufacturing equipment and advanced management, the production capacity reach to 2500 sets per year. 25*10 By 10 more years manufacturing experience, the products have been supplied to 25 countries all around the world and

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