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What is a mini excavator?

HX35 mini crawler excavator with open cabin

Usually, mini excavators are the small type of the common excavators, also called mini diggers or baggers. They are a standard piece of equipment on many job sites because they are versatile and highly productive machines. Because of their small size, they can work at the most confined space which can be used for digging material, plowing, landscaping work, demolishing small structures etc.

The definition of mini excavators in the world is also different. For example, in countries where backhoe loaders are popular (such as Britain, France and Italy), small excavators of 1 to 3 tons are the mainstream. In countries where backhoe loaders are not commonly used (such as Germany), they are more inclined to use 4-6 ton products. However, almost all countries tend to purchase larger equipment. From this we have come to the conclusion that mini excavators are defined as excavators from 1 to 6 tons, which can be called mini excavators. The reason is that they can easily use general transportation vehicles for geo-transportation. Mini excavators benefit from their compact body and are mainly used as ideal equipment for earthwork applications in urban areas.

Since the 1980s and 1990s, small construction machinery has played a major role in municipal engineering, transportation and other construction, and has developed rapidly. Mini excavators have made great contributions to saving manpower and material resources in these projects, meeting various urban operation requirements, and can maximize their production capacity in the narrow work space of the city, and gradually become a representative of urban construction. The development of mini excavators mainly depends on the development of urban construction. Due to the transformation and construction of cities, short construction time is required, construction machinery has small impact on the surrounding environment, safety, low pollution, small turning radius, easy transportation, and the appearance of the city’s scenery and so on.

Medium and large excavators are unable to do anything when the working environment is too narrow and complicated. When there is a large amount of earth and stone to be excavated in these places, when the construction period is so tight that you can’t breathe, you need an efficient and compact excavation equipment to help you solve it. This is the time for mini excavator playing.

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