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What is the difference between mini excavators and excavators?

Generally speaking, mini excavators belong to excavators, they are one small type of excavators. When mention to excavators, one idea come to our mind that the standard big excavators used in the construction areas. They are huge, powerful and kind of handsome. Today here is the description of mini or compact excavator which has the following difference with standard excavators which have been quite popular recently.

The first is certainly the size. Mini excavator smallest model HX08 is only 70mm body with, and very short turning radius which makes it quite useful in the confined space. The total machine weight is only 0.8 ton. Meanwhile, the standard one may be 10 ton or 20 even 100 tons with the big excavator body.

Secondly is the undercarriage. Mini excavators have a narrower undercarriage that can frequently be further compacted when the operator needs to move the excavator through tight spaces, like doorways or gates. Also, when we need to break the floor or walls in the high level of a building, the mini excavator with breaking hammer is the right choice that they can easily take the elevator to go up levels.


The third one is Control—The mini excavator also has a reduced tail-swing or even a zero tail-swing, which makes it easier to make tight turns and maneuver in small, cramped or narrow job sites, like parking lots, for instance.

The last but not least is consumption.  The small  body together with low horse power engine, making it quite fuel efficient. When operating one mini excavator, we are not necessory considering the fuel decreased quickly.

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